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Unbelievable!! An Angry Kid Drives Off With His Dad's SUV

This video uploaded to Youtube should be a caution to all you Nigerian dads who want to send your kids to the U.S. This kid who happens to be a Nigerian, stole his father’s car keys and angrily drove off. The pissed off father could be seen cautioning the angry kid to exit the SUV or he would 'pull him out through the window' but the stubborn child stuns the father when he brings out the car keys and goes for the ignition and before the father could come to terms with what was going on, the Mercedes Benz SUV is out of the drive and gunning down the street with the kid behind the steering wheels. 

The Father just stands there on the street and glares in awe as his son drives away with his beast, probably telling himself "He is going back to Nigeria, after I call the cops on his ass!"

See the video below;


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