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Watch Police In New Zealand In Hot Pursuit

A recent video uploaded to Youtube by Matt Robinson that is going viral shows a car with basically no front tires leading seven police cars in a pursuit in Christchurch, New Zealand on Saturday Night.

The video was captured like a perfectly scripted movie scene, with who ever was behind the camera adding to the quality of the drama. As the criminal's car approaches, the male's voice goes "Oh my God, Watchout!" opening our minds to suspense which is perfect because just as the six police car fades into the darkness and you are about think -' eh, well, it's just a normal chase', a badass orange police sports car whizzes past, followed by the male voice exclaiming "holy Sh*t men!" with an excited female voice asking to ensure the scene was well captured.

In a statement on Sunday, police said that three young boy including two 16 year old boys broke into a store armed with a baseball bat and a fire arm to steal cash and cigarettes. The offenders were later found in a stolen vehicle and when the driver failed to stop, a hot pursuit erupted to a one point seven patrol cars were following the runaway vehicle.

The driver eventually stopped the car and the three occupants fled. Two were caught shortly after and taken into custody and Police are searching for the third offender.

Watch below;

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