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Would You Buy This Tiny Three-Wheeled Car?

Would you buy this tiny three-wheeled car? I’m genuinely interested in the answer!

A company called Electra Meccanica, unveiled the first photos of the production version of its 3 wheeled EV car and it’s an idea the company has been pushing for a while now. It’s an electric vehicle with only one seat therefore, no passengers allowed. It has 82 horsepower and a fairly decent range of 160 kilometers. The Tiny can go 0 – 100km/h in eight seconds, but it will take three hours to charge on a Level 2 charger. (That last part — or the idea of getting into an accident in this thing — are probably the most likely deal breakers.) It has 15-inch wheels and is almost two feet shorter than a Fiat 500. Electra Meccanica boasts that the Solo has 285 liters (10 cubic feet​) of cargo space, or "approximately as much as a Mercedes Benz C3002 Coupe." For a car this small, that’s something!

The Electra Meccanica's EV which is being sold for $19,888 in Canada (about $15,500 US)  can be preordered on the company’s website for $250, and it ships next year. The company reported sometime ago that it had already taken more than 20,000 of those preorders, which to be clear, are refundable. 

Here are some more photos of the tiny little EV while thinking about the answer to my question;

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