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A Snake Makes A Slithery Appearance On A Man's Car

Tim Mokwa from Florida was making his daily commute home from work when an unlikely passenger popped out from beneath the hood of his car. A 6-foot snake slithered from under the bonnet of his Hyundai Sonata and made its way to the windscreen. Mokwa immediately pulled into a car park and however instead of panicking he started filming the serpent as it slithered over the hood.

"This guy decides to pop his head out from under the hood. And tried to come in the window. About a 6 footer," he wrote on Facebook. "That's only a little more than half of him in video." Mokwa said he doesn't know what ultimately became of the snake.
"I rolled window up just in time. He was resting his head on the side view mirror for like 10 secs before he slithered around the hood. Still don't know if he fell off or went back under hood," Mokwa wrote.

If Tim Mokwa were to be a Nigeria, that Sonata would be bathed in anointing oil and holy water for a week. #justsaying

Watch the Video below;

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