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Bears Go Wild On A Car In China

The video has been circulating on Chinese media with some sources suggesting it was filmed in the Chongqing Safari Park in the south of the country.

It has so far attracted more than three million views in just two days since it was shared on Chinese social media site Miaopai.

As the video begins the car is surrounded by four of the animals forcing it to a halt. One bear then stands on his hind legs, grabs the roof and violently shakes the vehicle as another, also standing upright, tries to open the door. A third bear stands in front of the vehicle, blocking its way, but its actions cannot be identified as a fourth prowls around the car.

A member of the customer service staff at the Chongqing Safari Park denied that the incident had happened on the site. The employee said that the park had not received any complaints from visitors regarding being attacked by black bears.

But some users on a Chinese website have doubt the videos credibility thinking saying the bears may be people in suits.

One user questioned if the animals were real: “They seemed to be acted out by human beings.”

So you watch the video below and decide;

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