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Dumb Dude Tries To Rescue His Impounded Car And Successfully Fails

Arthur is being mocked on social media after an attempt to reverse his impounded car off the back of a tow truck spectacularly fails.

The epic fails starts when Arthur is goaded by his friends and decides he wasn't keen on paying to have his impounded car returned by law enforcement officials. So he hops into the car, fires up the engine and attempts a Johnny English move. But what must have gone down well in his head wasn't what happened in reality. The footage shows him throw the car into reverse and accelerate in a bid to get free but when the chains attached to the car's axles eventually give, the car jolts free only to get wedged on the corner of the tow truck.

He however continues to gun the engine to try and free himself as one observer is heard saying: "Get out of the car and push it off, Arthur." But eventually he gives up when reality dawns on him and can be heard saying "I've to run from the police" and "I've done some damage here", (another dumb decision).

This failed escape footage of Arthur was posted on YouTube in April with the best title for it, 'Idiot Tries to Drive His Car off Tow Truck' and more than 200,000 online viewers have witnessed how smart Arthur is.

Witness it yourself below;

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