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Harry Redknapp Runs His Wife Over In A Freak Accident

The wife of former Premier League manager Harry Redknapp is recovering after he reportedly dragged her along the road in a 'freak' car accident that happened at Westbourne, Bournemouth on Tuesday.

Witnesses said the 69 year old former Tottenham, West Ham, Southampton, Portsmouth and QPR manager was dropping his wife of 49 years Sandra, off at the shops when her coat got trapped in the door, leaving her foot still in the Range Rover’s footwell as he drove away.

Speaking outside their home in Sandbanks, Dorset on Friday, Redknapp said she was "fine" and "very lucky" after returning from hospital.

He added: "It was a freak accident. She'd gone behind the car and as I went to drive off I sort of drove over her ankle. I thought she'd crossed."

Mrs Redknapp, also 69, was seen on two crutches and with her right leg in plaster as she hobbled into their home wearing a dressing gown.

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