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Watch Two Men Jump Start A Car With AK-47s

In places in the world, where having an AK-47 was more important than owning an iPhone, it's not unusual to find out that the weapon could serve non lethal purposes such as a jump starting a car, I guess that's what these two soldier were trying to tell the world in this video.

The video, apparently taken somewhere in the Middle East, shows what appears to be members of the local military or militia jumping a car using two AK-47s. The steel barrel and wire stock are sufficient to carry the electrical charge from one car to another. The rifles aren't long enough, so each man is also holding a long piece of wire that is touching his AK. After a few seconds you can hear an engine rev and the men stop.

This is not a recommended way to give someone a jump. If the AKs had touched metal on metal, it could have been very bad for everyone. so if you want to try this, make sure you are in a war zone and the enemy is closing in.

Watch the Video below;

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