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Young Man Pulls Two Cars With His Shoulders In An Attempt To Set A Record

Abhishek Choubey from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh in India showed how much superhuman strength he possessed as he used his scapula (shoulder blades) to pull two cars in an attempt to break a World record.

According to the 18 year old , he had been pulling weights with his shoulder blades since he was 8 and was hoping to be recognized for his talents.

“I started pulling chairs and tables with my shoulder blades when I was eight. I realized there are many people who can pull heavy vehicles with ears and even hair, but I am the only one who can pull two cars at a time with my shoulder blades. I used to get hooks from the market but they didn’t fit between my shoulder blades. My dad was happy with my stunts and designed a special hook for me as a gift.” 

“Not everyone can do this," Abhishek said. "My friend had to see a doctor after he attempted to pull a small chair. It needs a proper exercise. I exercise everyday for at least an hour.”

His Proud dad, Avdesh Kumar Choubey, who is happy to see his son getting famous, designed a triangular piece of wood that fits between Abhishek shoulder blades which he attaches a tow-rope to said he was very proud and supportive of his son.

“I wish he gets into the Guinness Book of World Records. I am proud of him. I want him to continue his stunts and we also make sure he continues his studies. If he wishes to pull an airplane, we’d always support him. We know it’s not dangerous. We have consulted the doctors as well.”

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