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Student Couple Filmed Having Sex Education In A Car

A video of a Student couple having "car sex" inside a driver's education vehicle has gone viral on Chinese social media. 

The short video was posted online over the weekend. It shows another driver pulling up to a white driver's ed car with some very foggy windows in Linyi city, Shandong province. It's nearly impossible to see what's going on inside, but the other driver believes that he knows, telling the car's occupants, "Next time, fucking get a room, don't do that here!" in Chinese.

However, the school's principal has since stepped forward and maintained that the two students inside the training car were merely "talking." The Paper reached out to the driving school with its name printed on the side of the car. The school's principal, Hu Zhiqiang, said that video has merely served to spread vicious "rumors" about the students and damage his school's reputation.

Hu said that the incident occurred a week ago in a local neighborhood, and that the person who filmed the video was a local real estate agent. With their instructor having temporarily left them alone in the car, Hu claims that the two students were not having sex, but merely "chatting."

I have watched the video but it's pretty hard to make out anything from all the carbon dioxide fogging up the windows, so over to you members of the online jury. Are they guilty or not guilty?

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