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Students Create A Mind-Controlled Car

A team of US students called Cal Hacks 3.0 says they have provided "a look into what the future holds" with a mind-controlled Tesla capable of accelerating and braking at a driver's whim.

The "Teslapathic" car uses a headset to determine whether drivers are thinking "stop" or "go", which is then broadcasted to the actuators fitted to the car's steering wheel and pedals.

The group behind the car published their work on Devpost, saying they are "really interested in showcasing the future of human-computer interfaces, mind controlled devices".

The most difficult part of the exercise was teaching software to clearly interpret "go" and "stop" signals, which was achieved by "imagining physical motion in tandem with the desired command" - such as thinking of clenching your hand at the same time as thinking the word "stop".

While it is clearly a long time before such technology could be used on the road, the crew hopes their work to wirelessly interpret brain signals will make life more convenient in the future.

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