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The Grand Tour Leaves Crashed Cars All Over The World Ahead Of Premiere

Amazon show 'The Grand Tour' ramped up its promo on Tuesday ahead of the big premiere by involving a series of staged car crashes around the world. Pedestrians were left stunned as they walked past the mangled vehicles surrounded by yellow caution tape and rubble in locations in London, Berlin and Hollywood.

But the promotional stunt soon received a backlash from road safety charities. The campaigns director for the road safety charity Brake, Gary Rae, branded it "insensitive and desperate".

He told The Guardian: "This is a crass, insensitive and desperate stunt. Though I’m not surprised, as this team has a track record of glorifying speed, and ignoring the devastating consequences of dangerous driving.

"Programmes like Top Gear and its new rival, Grand Tour, need to recognise that car worship is dated and misplaced."

The president of the AA, while noting they were all Toyota Prius cars regularly mocked by the trio, shared: "The picture clearly illustrates that crashing cars can be incredibly dangerous.

"However, looking on the brighter side we note that the 2016 Toyota Prius scores the top-rated five stars in EuroNCAP crash tests. We wonder whether The Grand Tour will rate five stars with the viewers."

Meanwhile, Clarkson recently admitted he's worried about how the new show will be received.

"It keeps me awake at night, because people are expecting the first episode to come from the Planet Jupiter, with us all wearing Iron Man suits. But it’s not Avengers Assemble.

"It’s just a car show with middle-aged men falling over a bit. Essentially, we’ve remade Last of the Summer Wine," he said.

Anyhow they want to paint it, we don't care!! we just want the show to start already.#justsaying.

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