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There Is A Man Out There Who Drives With His Feet


Who says you need hands to drive? Vikram Agnihotri, lost his arms when he was just 7 when he accidentally touched a high voltage wire, but that hasn't stopped the indian from  other parts of his body to do things we would naturally do with our hands, including driving a car.

The 45-year-old says he has taken his disability as 'a gift' and has learnt to do basic tasks such as; shave with his feet, operate his phone with his nose, swim; gym every morning, play tennis using his shoulders and more amazingly drive his car, an act which has baffled many who has come in contact with him.

So next time you think driving is stressful with your hands and feet involved, remember that there is a man somewhere who is driving with just two feet.

Have a safe weekend!

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