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FRSC Now Authorized To Carry Guns On Duty

Corps Marshal and Chief Executive of Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Boboye Oyeyemi,  while speaking at the end of the year management strategy session for the parastatal in Abuja this weekend disclosed that the Federal Government has granted the Safety officials the authority to carry arms while on duty. 

According to Oyeyemi, the need for the officers to caryy guns arose from the increased number of violent attacks and killing of some of its operatives while on duty. He said that over 70 of its personnel have been killed in 2016 alone as a result of violent attacks by angry and dangerous motorists. Oyeyemi said the FRSC Establishment Act gives power to the corps to bear arms and that the Federal Government had earlier approved that, with about 5,000 personnel already undergoing training on firearms.

“The Act gives power to the Corps to bear arms and 5,000 of our personnel have been trained. We are just waiting for the validation of the earlier approval. Sadly, within the one year, we have lost 70 personnel. It is sad to note that some killing and maiming of operatives, including one from a sister agency in close collaboration with the Corps were in the course of official duties. A recent occurrence was the happening in Talata Mafara, Zamfara State where a motorist ran into the Mobile Court in session, killing three operatives almost instantly while a Civil Defence operative died later as a result of injuries sustained in the dastardly act"he said.

However, FRSC officials will not start carrying Ak-47s right away, so be cautious if you spot anybody in FRSC uniform wielding one especially during this festive period where people including criminals want to  make money at all cost.

But do you think it is okay for the FRSC to be added to the line of Police, Army, Customs and Civil defense already wielding AKs on our highways?

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