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LaFerrari Becomes The Most Expensive Car Auctioned In This Century

About three months ago, Ferrari announced that it was building one more LaFerrari to be auctioned off in order to help the victims of the earthquake that happened in Italy on August 24th that claimed more than 250 lives.

Well last Saturday, that special La Ferrari was auctioned off for a cool $7 million to become "the most valuable 21st century automobile ever sold at auction." All proceeds from the sale will go to benefit earthquake recovery efforts in Italy, under the auspices of the National Italian American Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund as it was made to be.

The good cause seems to have spurred car collectors to open their wallets that extra bit wider, pushing the price up to nearly five times the original LaFerrari's $1.5 million. To make this latest 949-horsepower hybrid more alluring and thematically proper, Ferrari painted it a classic red with a white "dream line" on the hood and rear windshield, plus an Italian flag painted at the front.

With its designation as a special edition, it's an especially exclusive example of a limited-edition car, and should it ever be sold again, odds are good that the price will be even higher.

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