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Meet The Dazzling Lexus LIT

Promoting its new 2017 IS sedan, Lexus has just unveiled a one-off creation that encases the car in an 41,999 LED lights that creates an array dazzling graphics and multi-colored animations basically turning the car into a screen. 

The company say it comes with three different modes allow the lights to interact with nearby sounds and people with the help of an integrated gaming console. Attract mode, for example, features a loop of colorful graphics “that highlight the strong lines of the IS and play into its bold styling.”

Making this car isn't a easy task, that's because each and every one of the 41,999 lights had to be applied by hand and for that number, it's a lot of lights. The piece of work will definitely gather crowds wherever it rolls by especially in places where there is power outage.

Watch a Video of it below while I daydream of how my village peeps would react when they see me pull up in this car;

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