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Nigeria's Motorsport Leader Shahin Nouri Says He Is Proud To Represent Nigeria

Swiss-born Nigeria’s Motorsport supremo, Shahin Nouri, has expressed that he is proud to represent and bring honour to the country in car racing.

On the F1 circuit of Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium in August, Nouri, racing for Nigeria, emerged winner and for the first time in the history of Motorsport, Nigeria’s national anthem was rendered. He also ended first in the final race in first position at the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo European Championship 2016 held in Valencia from 2nd to 4th December, making him European champion and Vice World Champion.

Nouri, aka Fine Boy Racing is married to Tatiana Moussalli Nouri, Deputy Group MD, AIM Group, has settled permanently in Nigeria since 2009 with his family. He believes Nigeria is blessed with so much talents and has revealed his plans of having a car racing academy in Nigeria in the nearest future.

“Imagine you are performing in a top sport but not for your country but for another country. And by doing so, I have a lot of my Swiss friends that were asking me, why are you not representing Switzerland? You are a Swiss, so you should represent Switzerland. I can tell you that I am very proud to represent this country, I’m very proud to become a Nigerian. My children are growing up here in Nigeria and I want to show to the world that Nigeria is a great place to be." he said.

“Right now, all I’m trying to create some interest into motor sport for Nigerians. Nigeria is a great country and I’m sure that we can have the next Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton or the next Nouri Shahin here. My dream is to have a racing academy here in Nigeria so that we can groom younger talents who can become world champions in Formula One.”

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