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Pissed Off Racing Mogul Drops Lawsuit Against Ferrari....For Now

Do you remember the Ferrari customer who sued Ferrari because they said he was “not qualified” to buy the Aperta even after he mailed Automaker's CEO Sergio Marchionne a check for a deposit of $1 million? Well he has dropped the suit because of how expensive it was, but it ain't over yet. 

The racing legend and car collector is still pissed at the Italian automaker so much that he has said that the Acura NSX is FAR BETTER THAN the LaFerrari Aperta. Speaking to Road & Track, Henn says that he is still “very unhappy with Ferrari” and is looking to file another suit against them.

"The reason the lawsuit was dropped, actually my lawyer sued on the hurting of my reputation. After we got all in it, I said, what do you think our odds [of winning] are? And he said zero. Because they said they had offered to settle, it cost a quarter million dollars to retain this outfit, to sue me. And I said, if you say zero, I don't want to go through with it. I said, can we sue them on other things? He said, yes. We're going to sue but on a different thing. Which I don't know yet what it is."

The Ferrari ex-fan also clearly stated that his 50 year old relationship with Ferrari had ended as he had no longer had feelings the Italian beauty.

"Here's something that may be hard for you to believe, but I got that La Ferrari and it was delivered to my house… and I didn't like it," he declared. "And I got here and I couldn't get out of the car. I had to call the police to get me out of the car. What happened is I didn't realize that door was as heavy as it was. Once I realized it, they could pull the door and get out and I had no problem. It is just not a comfortable car.

"In fact, I just sent a letter [to Acura] about how I like the NSX. It is the best damn car I have ever had. It is unbelievable. It is really, really a great car and it is $200,000 versus… well, the last Ferrari I got from them, not the La Ferrari, the last one I got, I forgot what it's called, it was a Spider, whatever it is, but it was $750,000. And this is so much better at $200,000."

Damn, dude. Ferrari should have just sold him the damn Aperta.#justsaying

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