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South Korea Bans BMW, Nissan, And Porsche Models For Cheating

BMW, Nissan, and Porsche more will be banned from sales in South Korea for cheating emission standards. After Volkswagen’s expensive little diesel soiree wrecked trust in the automaker, South Korean officials began testing other brands for further discrepancies and the investigation previously led Korean regulators to accuse Nissan of adding cheat software to the Qashqai SUV and fined the automaker. 

Financial Times reports, the country will now ban eight vehicle models it claims have used dubious means to clear emissions standards. So far, six cars have been banned including one BMW, two Nissans, and three Porsches. The investigation has currently flagged 10 vehicles, of which seven  are from Porsche. 

Porsche’s parent company, Volkswagen, has already had 32 of its cars across various brands banned following Dieselgate. There is, however, one major difference between the cars in question and Volkswagen’s cheating diesels. While VW’s cars had software aimed at manipulating its engines to pass emissions tests, South Korea’s environmental ministry alleges that the automakers in question submitted certification documents that had been used before to clear similar models.

The move likely was done to save time, but that doesn’t stop the ministry from fining the three automakers a combined 6.5 billion Won ($5.6 million). “We’ll ask the companies to clarify their positions,” Hon Dong-kon, ministry director, said. “If their illegalities are confirmed, we will revoke their certifications, ban sales of the affected cars and, if necessary, ask prosecutors to further look into the case.” 

Nissan has stopped selling the Q50 and Qashqai SUV in question and Porsche has stopped selling four of the seven models under investigation including the diesel Macan S. BMW’s single offender is the X5 M SUV, which will continue to sell for the time being. 

Not good for Volkswagen.....

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