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The Grand Tour Has Broken An Internet Record

Now if you haven't watched The Grand Tour and you say you are a car enthusiast, my friend, please check yourself well. The Grand Tour which is hosted by ex-Top Gear trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May has been a considerable success since it's launch in November. 

Though official viewing figures haven't been released yet, the first episode was the most watched video since Amazon Video launched. That's good for Amazon considering the huge amount spent in producing the show, right? well, they ain't to happy right now because the motoring show has apparently become the MOST ILLEGALLY downloaded show in internet history, beating the The Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

According to figures released by industry analyst Muso, the first episode was illegally downloaded 7.9 million times. The second episode was downloaded 6.4 million times and the third episode was downloaded 4.6 million times. Muso estimates that these downloads may have cost Amazon $4 million in lost revenue. Guess which country where the most pirates came from? You guessed wrong, it wasn't my Nigeria rather, it was the great U.K where these presenters are from. 

Currently, The Grand Tour is only available to stream in the UK, US and Japan before it launches in 200 countries this month and, you would have to pay Amazon Prime subscription fee to access the show so that may explain the excessive piracy.

Don't ask me how I watched my own....

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