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This Car Owner Tries To Save His Car But Kills It Instead

They say that when faced with adversity, people learn what they are truly made of. Are you cool and levelheaded or do you panic and screw up the situation even more than it was before? Well this guy show us which one he is.

A video uploaded to LiveLeak, shows a driver attempting to stop his car from rolling towards a river but ended up fast forwarding it into the river, nearly killing a rider and his bicycle in the process. The driver, Zhang, stopped to greet a friend and stepped out of his vehicle without properly parking it in Yangzhong City of east China's Jiangsu Province on Saturday.

While they were talking he noticed his car slowly rolling downhill. He immediately dashed to his car, gets in while it was still in motion and in a state of panic he steps hard on the wrong pedal. The car speeds up, knocks out a passing electric motorcycle and ends up in the river.

Thankfully the motorcycle rider did not sustain any injury while Zhang and his car were treated for PTSD. 

Watch below;

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