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Watch The Best Christmas Gift Ever Given....A Car

The Christmas season is a period when family bonding and spreading of Love is at its peak as we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. This emotional video from TheAngryGrandpaShow on Youtube is a touching reminder why it is the best time of the year.

Angry Grandpa and his son were in a parking lot when he spotted a familiar car he had many years ago. Angry Grandpa’s first car when he was 16 years old was a 1955 Chevy Bel Air given to him by his parents. But less than a year later, it was taken away from him when his sister needed it to drive to California. Narrating the story to his son, the Chevy broke down on her way and she sold it to a junkyard and he never saw the car again and never forgot about that car either. 

Having this knowledge forehand, his son decides to surprised him with it for Christmas. Angry Grandpa's reaction would melt your heart away. So you watch the video below for yourself and be moved to go out there and go make someone's Christmas;

This is why we love cars. Happy Sunday Y'all

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