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Creative Couple Weds At A Porsche Showroom

To kick off the New Year in class and style, let me tell you about the couple whose unique wedding venue has just made the top of my bucket list. They rented a Porsche Showroom in Florida to give themselves the classiest wedding one can ever imagine.

According to Jalopnik, the couple reached out to Champion Porsche, a Florida dealership with 22 acres of Porsches and the dealership decided to oblige them its newest showroom and even kept a few cars on display for the event. The couple even had custom invitation engraved in metal and an invitation framed for the dealership as well.

Congrats to this couple and thank you for creating the best place to bring together a number of single ladies and new cars under one roof  in search of their soulmate/carmate.

Checkout photos below and you’ll be drooling before you finish scrolling.

Images: Jalopnik

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