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Dimitri Payet's Car Gets Vandalised Outside Home

Typical of football fans, when you are their star, they can die for you but when you get on their wrong side, they will come for your head or in West Ham's Dimitri Payet's case, his car.

The French international has been frozen out of the West Ham squad since the beginning of January after he refused to play for the club because he wants from England back to France. That has not gone down well with the club supporters as it has emerged that the West Ham rebel’s car was vandalized on Thursday night.

The Daily mail reports that the car was targeted outside 29 years old midfielder's house in London, with suggestions that a brick was thrown through a window.

Wantaway Payet and his wife Ludivine are desperate to move back to the south of France after arriving from Marseille 18 months ago. He has been ostracized by some team-mates and the Frenchman is no longer welcome at team meetings and bonding dinners.

His former club Marseille are set to make a third bid, this time of £25million, and are confident that will get the deal done.

I think his neighbour did it!!

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