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Naval Rating Nabbed For Car Snatching

A naval rating, Samuel Eze, was among four people paraded by for allegedly specializing in snatching cars and in Edo state and selling them in Abuja.

However Eze who was serving with the Navy in Delta State, claimed he did not belong to the gang rather only helped them to escort a Hilux van to Abuja, after which he was given N100,000.

“I didn’t join the gang. I was on break when a colleague of mine called me to escort a vehicle to Abuja. I didn’t know it was a stolen vehicle. I got to Abuja before I knew it was a stolen vehicle. I just asked the Alhaji to give me my transport fare and I went back to Benin City.

“I could not go to the police because there was nothing I could do. My colleague negotiated the share and I was given N100,000. I came to Benin to collect uniform that was sent to me from Lagos. One of the boys called me and I went to see him, but I didn’t know police were with him. I earn N76,000 monthly. I’m not married. I blame my friend for this.” he said.

One of the gang members, Elvis Friday, said he did not know how Eze was called to help the gang escort the vehicle to Abuja.

“I don’t know the naval rating. It was Peter who knows him. I don’t know how Peter negotiated with him. It was Peter that brought the guns we used in Makurdi.” he said.

He also added that they were yet to share the money before they were nabbed.

Police Commissioner Haliru Gwandu said the suspects would soon be arraigned.

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