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Nigeria's Senate Reject Ban On Car Importation Through Land Borders

Hallelujah somebody!! That is what most car dealers in Nigeria will be chanting in happiness. That is because the Senate at its plenary session yesterday, Wednesday 11th January rejected the Federal Government's Order to ban all importation of cars through the country's land borders like Seme border and called on the Nigerian Customs Service to immediately suspend action on its policy to ban importation of vehicles through land borders the ban which took effect from January 1st 2017.

The Senators said during their deliberations that the ban will result in the loss of about 500, 000 jobs engaged in the importation of  cars and handling services in border areas and also affect the economy of the border villages and towns depending on such buisnesses.

Senator Barau Jibrin observed that since the announcement by Customs, Nigerians have reacted negatively, protesting it is not economically expedient to ban importation of cars through land borders given the dreary effect on the economy. Damn right he is!!

The Senators agreed that the policy was ill advised and have mandated its committee on Customs to investigate the circumstances leading to the Federal Government's decision to ban importation of cars through land borders.

Bravo senators, though you guys didn't add that the ban on importation of cars through the land border would lead to an increase in the already increasing prices of cars due to high exchange rates.

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