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Some Crazy French Partygoers Set Cars On Fire To Celebrate The New Year

As 2016 descended into 2017, the world celebrated it in so many forms. Most people I believe had wonderful displays of fireworks, people in Nigeria added burning tires to the mix but, some French people with arsonistic tendencies decided to go the extra mile and set cars on fire to commemorate the New Year. According to RT, This fiery show has actually been a tradition said to have been practiced since the 90's in which poor french people would burn cars to express their social discontent.

650 cars were set ablaze across the nation  for no apparent reason other than to enjoy the light show. In response to this, a tweet by the French Ministry of the Interior says that 454 people were arrested with 301 of them being charged for vehicular arson.

The video below will show you a tiny bit of the fiery show;

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