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SuperHero Dad Pulls A Hollywood Stunner To Save His Children

I just came across this video of a SuperDad who pulled some Jason Bourne/Ethan Hunt /Jackie Chan/all the super hero agents you can think off, kind of move to save his children from being killed by an out of control car. According to ViralHog, the heroic incident happened on the 22nd of December, last year in South Jambi province in Indonesia. 

The man was working on a bike, while his two children were playing around the garage. Somehow, he turns around just at the right moment to see the oncoming danger and with lightning reflex ( The Flash just met his match) grabs his kids and rolls away as a car comes crashing through.

This super dad deserves a medal or award or something for this act, not every dad, I think, can pull this kind of move. This two kids are just so lucky to have him.

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