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The Hennessey Venom GT Officially Ends Production

For those of you who don't know the Hennessey Venom GT, you are wrong!! This hypercar produced by Texas-based tuner and hypercar builder, Hennessey Performance, was one time the fastest production car in the world. In January 2013, it set a Guinness World Record for the fastest two-seat sports car, blasting from 0 to 299.3 km/h (186 mph) in just 13.61 seconds, also in February 2014, it set another record, this time for top speed, on the Shuttle Landing Runway at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, posting a top speed of 435.31 km/h (270.49 mph).

Well, all that would be a memorable history to remember as the CEO, Hennessey Performance, John Hennessey, has announced the Venom GT has officially ended production.

“It was always my dream to build the fastest car and we did just that. Our Venom GT retires as one of the fastest cars on the planet along with being one of the most exclusive." he said.

Only 12 examples of the Venom GT since 2010, all of which are street legal but in order to give the 7.0 litre twin turbo V8 a proper farewell, Hennessey Performance is making a Final Edition of the 1,451 hp Venom GT which of course has been sold for an impressive $1.2 million.

Hennessey also announced its forthcoming car, the Venom F5 which will be unveiled sometime this year. 

So farewell, Venom GT. It was one hell of a ride.

I will leave you with this inspiring video of when the Venom GT set the top speed record to get your priorities right for new week. Pedal to the metal, people!!

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