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Theives Captured On CCTV Robbing A Car And Making A Clean Getaway

Image credit: LIB
This video shows how important CCTV cameras in mega cities like Lagos because they could capture smart and fast crimes that go untold everyday and hopefully lead to  the capture of these criminals. In a what I term 'Grand Theft Operation' a woman recently had her car broken into and her money taken by robbers while she made a stop over at restaurant shortly after leaving the bank somewhere in Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos.

According to the colleague of the victim who narrated to LIB,
This video is an incident of what happened to my colleague yesterday. ₦500K was taken from her locked car at Mobil Filling station, Agidingbi. She went to GTB, Alausa to withdraw N500K, and kept it under her car seat. When she drove out, she saw a car coming behind her, not knowing there were actually 2 cars following her. So when she got to FBN, Agidingbi, she indicated as if she was going back the way she came, so the car she saw following her passed her to go ahead of her to the side she indicated to, which is the Lexus jeep.
On seeing that the car had passed, she now decided to enter Mobil so that they could go completely, not knowing that another car was still behind her. She parked and went into Mr. Biggs to allow them to go, bought a bottle of water and before she came out, her door had been opened and her money stolen! The CCTV in Mr Biggs, captured the professional way the thieves operated.

I do hope that this CCTV footage gets to the authorities and it assists them to apprehend these guys especially the asshole who thought to wear a suit to look inconspicuous. As for you law abiding and non-criminal minded citizens, whenever you withdraw a huge sum of money, don't stop even if it is to pee, just take the money to where it is intended to be taken to, and be vigilante.

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