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This Is Definitely NOT How You Want To Start Your New Year

Entering into a New Year, everyone wants to be in a happy, peaceful and rejuvenated mood, especially if they want to achieve the year's goals and resolutions made. But life has a way of trying to mess you up atimes, by throwing obstacles in your way and leaving you with fat early year bill as in the case of the owner of this Gold Lamborghini Aventador which was involved in a crash in Poland.

The video shows the Italian supercar take off at an intersection and had barely hit 80 km/h when it is forced to brake as another car emerges from right. Though the Aventador managed to come to a complete stop, it was too late to avoid getting struck by the passing car. Luckily, there were no injuries reported and the impact of the collision wasn’t very severe as both vehicles weren’t travelling at high speed.

Despite the low speed of the crash, the gold Avendator sustained some hefty damage to the right front-end, tarnishing its exquisite looks. And judging from the photos of the accident, it will probably need a new front bumper, right fender, right headlight, a hood and other repairs. This extensive repair bill probably isn’t the best start to the new year this Lambo owner could have hoped for. Damn, I feel your pain.

On the bright side, the Aventador's mid-mounted, 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine capable of 690 horsepower should still be in good shape and should be back on the move as soon as the owner makes a NEW new year goal of getting it back on the road. 

Watch the heartbreaking video below;

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