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This Is What I Intend To Do This Year

This kid has shown me that in order to be a successful car blogger, I must be willing to go out there and take a hit, eat some concrete while trying to obtain pictures of beautiful set of wheels gracing the roads of Nigeria. After all passion conquers pain.

This video, posted by the owner of a Nissan GT-R from his dash cam, starts off pretty normally in dash-cam terms but just then a “GT-R! OH MY GOSH! Hey!” scream comes from somewhere off of the screen, and an excited kid on a bike comes flying into the picture then crashing almost immediately. The kid quickly bounces to his feet, determined not to let any bruise deter him from getting pictures, which he successfully did, thanks to the understanding owner of the GT-R.

Watch below;

Thanks kid for the inspiration, i wish i could find the Naija version of you!!

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