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This Man Thought He Could Avoid Paying Toll By Hiding His Plate Number 007 Style

While most of you watched the James Bond movies for the fun of it, Joshua West from Orange County, Florida found them very enlightening that he decided to pick up a few superspy moves like making his car license plate disappear whenever he wanted to commit a crime. 

Well, luck ran out on him when he was recently arrested by the the Florida Highway Patrol arrested a man in Orange County, Florida, after he remotely activated a license plate frame gadget that slid a cover down while driving, blocking his plate number from toll cameras.

According to WFTS, He would have gotten away with it too, if he hadn’t done it right in front of a State Trooper (a good 007 wouldn't be that clumsy, guess you are no 007 after all). Troopers caught West dropping the "curtain" over his tag on the east-west expressway at Conway Road in Orlando, right before he went through the toll plaza. 

"After he cleared the tool booth, the tag cover came back up and the tag was exposed again," said FHP Sgt. Kim Montes.

Now the 27 year old faces a felony charge for the movie magic and some jail time if convicted, all just to avoid paying a $1.25 toll (about ₦395).

Watch a News report below;

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