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Toyota Prius Ends Up Wedged In A Doorway

What you’re looking at up there used to be a Toyota Prius, and, yes, it’s crammed into a doorway of a building. The bizarre location for a Prius happened as the result of a crash in Indianapolis, where a teenage driver ran a red light and crashed into a building. 

According to WTHR, the crash happened yesterday about 7:30 p.m.. The Prius was speeding, and the driver ran through a red light, then hit the traffic signal pole, then somehow ended up on its side, and continued 20-30 feet into the building, somehow managing to cram itself right into a doorway.

The driver somehow was actually able to exit the vehicle, which is pretty astounding, looking at that wreck. He is in critical condition, but responsive. The Toyota Prius, less so.

A firefighter at the scene told a WTHR reporter that she saw the car

“... wedged cleanly – which is hard to believe – but it’s cleanly wedged into a doorway in the interior of the building.”

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