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Trying To Outrun The Police Is Always A Bad Idea

Criminals always thinking that trying to outrun the cops in a car chase is a good idea should seriously stop considering it. Few times, they succeed, hurray for you, but most times, they fail miserably, end up rack up more charges on themselves, damaging a lot of things and still get caught.

Three youths in a stolen car in Christchurch, New Zealand, successful evaded police while involved in police chase but the victory was short lived as they momentarily crashed into a Christchurch car yard causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage as a result on monday.

A police spokeswoman said around 2.45am, the car crashed into Buy A Car sales yard a short time after fleeing from the police and the male suspects were all out of the vehicle and talking when the police arrived, no one was injured. However the crash left four cars damaged of which two valued at $10,000 and $11,000were completely written off and a payphone also completely destroyed.

STOP TRYING TO RUN. if you get caught committing a crime, just give up, save yourself some money, police fuel, acquire lesser charges and most importantly, you don't get to wreck cars.

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