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Two Spectators Escape Becoming Road Kill At The Ongoing Dakar Rally

Being a spectator at rally can be dangerous for those who are always trying to get close to the action as chances are they would pick a spot that may turnout to be a deadly decision. Two spectators were so close to seeing the end of 2017 at the ongoing Dakar Rally after driver Carlos Sainz lost control of his car, sending him into a terrifying rollover into a ravine.

Sainz and his co driver Lucas Cruz were trying to make up for lost time from an earlier navigational error was only 3.1 miles from the end of Stage 4 when he ran wide on a turn forcing an oversteer that sent his Peugeot 3008DKR into a barrel roll, straight into a ravine, sending car parts and dust into the air and also two frightened  but quick spectator scuttling down the ravine for their lives.

Fortunately, Sainz escaped with only a little pain in his back with his car sustaining damages to the cooling system and gearbox.

If I were either one of these two lucky chaps, I wouldn't miss the front seat of Sunday service today.

Watch the harrowing escape below;

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