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A Police PickUp Scratches A Lamborghini Hurancan And Faces The Hard Hitting Consequence

This is the story of the oppressor becoming the oppressed. We Nigerian folks know that uniformed men see themselves as demi-gods especially on the roads, and they as demi'-gods they see other motorists as "ants" (in Loki's voices) whom they can step on or kick off the road as they move. But unfortunately for one demi-god, an ant equipped with a 610 horsepower machine showed him that a god is not so untouchable after all.

Just watch the video below; 

Physcially or verbally assaulting an Officer of the Law is not right in any way but in this case this guy would probably plead self defense after all he was protecting an over 150m expenditure.

By the way thanks to @bollylomo for the well suited commentary


  1. Lol @ the guys that took the video. very funny


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