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Canadian Man Can't Get A Custom Licence Plate Because Of His Name

A Canadian man whose name is Lorne Grabher is really pissed off after the Canadian provincial government refused to renew his custom licence plate because they deemed his surname "Grabher" offensive to women when viewed on his car bumper.

Mr Grabher told CBC News, that he put his last name on the licence plate decades ago as a gift for his late father's birthday, and that Nova Scotia's refusal to renew the plate late last year is unfair.

"I was taken aback. How can you say my name is a slogan when it is not?" Mr Grabher 

The Transport department spokesman Brian Taylor said that while the department understands Mr Grabher is a surname with German roots, this context is not available to the general public who view it and it could be misinterpreted as a "misogynistic" and symbol of "violence against women".

But Mr Grabher strongly disagrees with the Transportation department.

"I've never once had anybody come up to me and say they were offended," Mr Grabher told CBC News. "They would look at it and say, 'Am I reading this right?' And I would go, 'Yes.' And they would go, 'Is this your last name?' And I would go, 'Yes.' And they would always just give a little chuckle."'

Just give the poor man his custom licence plate!!

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