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Ford GT Sets A New World Record

A modified 2006 Ford GT has set a new world record for the standing mile by sprinting to 472.40 km/h (293.6 mph) at the Texas Mile event on March 26.

The car was run by tuning house M2K Motorsports, which twin-turbocharged the GT’s 5.4-liter V8 with 45 psi of boost to pump out approximately 2,500 horsepower on methanol -- nearly five times what the stock engine can muster -- aided by a humongous Wilson intake manifold equipped with an air-to-ice water intercooler and a host of other upgrades.

The car broke a record set by another GT that hit 455.82 (283.232 mph) on the Space Shuttle landing strip at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida back in 2012. The GT’s engine has proven to be remarkably strong, and heavily modified versions are a common sight at this type of event.

Watch the Amazing run below;

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