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Somehow This Truck Manages To Stay On Its Wheels

A truck driver and unsuspecting motorist must be feeling really lucky after the truck drive some how managed to keep his truck from toppling over and avoid crashing into a car while doing so in South Korea.

It appears that the whole mess started when the truck driver, approaching a bus in front a bit too quickly, braked hard, which caused the rear wheels to lock up, sending the truck fishtailing.

The fishtailing motion increased until it sent the truck onto two wheels, at an improbable-looking 45° angle or so. The driver somehow manages to get to the other side of the road, avoiding a passing car, and it looks like the driver uses the center divider to keep the truck from listing too hard when he turns the wheel the other way to get the truck settled back on all the wheels.

It’s also worth noting that the driver manages to put on the hazard lights early into the dance, just in case you weren’t aware that a truck listing at an insane angle may indicate some sort of hazard.

This could have easily turned ugly but it did not.

Enough said, just watch it below;


  1. The yellow bus cut him off, the truck driver was not tailgating. Always so quick to blame the truck driver for other people's carelessness. Straight trucks can't stop on a dime you know.

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