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UAE Traffic Police Get Crafty To Checkmate Speeding Drivers

A driver in the United Arab Emirates shared a video of the unusual means police are using to prevent speeding. Rather than stationing police cars at strategic locations, signs that look like police cars are set up by the side of the highway.

The video shows what appears to be a police car with its lights flashing at the side of a road, but as the filmer approaches, something appears off about the stationed vehicle.

The driver stops near the police car, revealing its wheels aren't quite touching the ground, and then drives past further revealing that the "car" was actually just a flat sign that appears from the front to be the side of a real three-dimensional car.

The filmer said they shot the video after initially being fooled by the sign.

"It was shocking moment for me. I thought it was a real police car so immediately I fastened my belt and lowered my speed. When I turned around, it was a joke for me," they wrote.

My question is, was this crafty move actually sanctioned by the police or did a highway police officer device an devious way to extend his break time?

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