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A Truck Drags A Car On A Highway Without Knowing

A video posted to youtube by viralhog shows a bizzare scene on a california highway captured by a dash cam.

The video shows a Nissan maxima somehow wedged under a moving truck and incredibly, the driver of the truck doesn't seem to know he was pulling an extra cargo. How the truck driver allegedly didn’t notice the unfolding drama is beyond understanding because trucks like this usually have big ass side mirrors and therefore, the stuck car surely should have been visible to the truck driver even when the stuck driver of the car was waiving his handing frantically and asking other drivers for help.

It wasn’t until another car pulled in front of the truck and forced it to stop that the truck driver realized he had been dragging a crumpled car for four miles. 

Fortunately for the driver, the Police aren’t treating the accident as a criminal offence, but what’s most important is that no one was hurt in this freak accident – though the same can’t be said for the mangled Nissan.

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  1. Lol.. that driver sef! what happened to his side mirrors?