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Ferrari Bans Certain Colours From Its Line Up

I think the beauty of a super car such as the Ferrari is when it comes in different colours rather than when it comes in just red or black. But Ferrari's Australasia CEO Herbert Appleroth doesn't agree. In his words to news.com.au“It just doesn't fit into our whole ethos to be honest." 

“It’s a brand rule. No Pink. No Pok√©mon Ferraris!" he explained.

Pink leads the list of banned colours but it isn’t the only color that Ferrari won’t let you choose. “There are other colors that aren’t in our DNA as well and they are wonderful colours too but some are perhaps more suited to other brands” 

Unsurprisingly, the most popular color choice for a Ferrari is red which makes up around a third of Ferrari’s worldwide sales, followed by silver and black while the White colour is also trending “upwards” according to Appleroth.

Inspite of the colour ban, Appleroth was keen to stress that Ferrari still offers extensive personalization options for customers. "There are many different levels of personalization from sitting in the dealership and working through all of your options to the tailor-made program where you fly to Italy to the factory in Maranello and sit in the atelier and work out your specifications."

While banning pink and other garish colors may seem restrictive, worry not because there are still plenty of aftermarket dealers who are willing to paint your Ferrari in pretty pink.

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