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Italian Police Converts A Bad Guy's Car Into A Police Car

By now we know that the Italian police are lovers of supercars, as they have an impressive fleet of supercars serving on the force. Only last week, they added a Lamborghini Huracan to their fleet and now Milan's local police have transformed a Ferrari 458 spider confiscated from the Italian Mafia back in September 2015.

With help from a local body shop Carrozzeria Marazzi Caronno Pertusella, the previously white Italian supercar now sports the requisite police colors and standard equipment as a sign of change in loyalty.

As usual, such a car will not be used for car chases but rather it will be used for educational projects in the city, teaching children that crime doesn’t pay (in the long run at least) and that the government has the power to seize assets of those involved in criminal activities (how motivational).

Back when the Ferrari was sporting its cocaine white colour

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