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Police Bust A Guy Who Uses Wood For His Car Suspension

MRC des Collines police in Canada pulled over a 1999 Toyota Tercel over the weekend after noticing its non functioning brake lights. But it turns out this was more than a typical case of burnt out light bulbs th police soon discovered the car’s 28-year-old driver had gone all mad scientist on the suspension by reinforcing it with wooden logs and chicken wire. sounds crazy right?

However it didn't end there as upon closer inspection of the Tercel, the police found that three of the four tires showed signs of advanced wear, with some spots having no tread left at all and also it had no windshield wipers. 

Because it made no absolute sense, police administered a sobriety test, which the guy passed even though there was an open bottle of beer in the front seat. The car had to be impounded so that it could undergo a full mechanical inspection. Think it’ll pass? 

As for the driver he was given a $481 ticket for having the open container, and will be receiving in the mail the following: the towing bill, tickets for various safety infractions, and failing to have insurance documents.

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