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Police Bust Guys Racing Supercars On The Highway

Everybody knows that racing cars in the city or highway is illegal all over the world but there are chaps who are always willing to go out there and break the rules. In the UK, a group of friends hired three supercars, a McLaren 570s, Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari 458, then took them for a speed run on the M1 motorway to see which car was fastest 

This obviously caught the attention of the police who quickly move in and busted the joy riders. Now rather than fining the drivers for speeding which what the po-po in UK usually do, they decided to seize the rented supercars in order to set an example making these guys, the three scape goats.

The group were also charged with driving in an anti social manner which according to the South Yorkshire police is driving in a way that would disrupt traffic. Each car drove side-by-side in each lane, and repeatedly slowed traffic down to “a very slow speed” before accelerating down the clear stretch of road. Understandably, frustrated motorists stuck in the tailback reported the highway racers to police, who used CCTV footage to prove they were driving anti-socially.

These guys should come down here and race because once you own a supercar here, the police will let you own the road...#justsaying

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