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Smart Chinese Man Builds A Car That Can Be A Boat Too

The Chinese have always been smart people. You can tell by how successful they have been at copying people's inventions and reproducing it a cheaper price. so when a mechanic named Xiong Jian takes a scrappy car and successfully turns it into a boat-car, it's noting short of the wonder these guys are capable of exhibiting.

According to stuff.co.nz, Xiong Jian who is a mechanic from central China near the Zhenzi River was able build the boat-car by refitting components of a scrap two-compartment vehicle with used parts from a scrapped minibus. He also had to move the engine of the car to the back to avoid water getting into it.

He says the purpose of his invention is to assist him when the Zhenzi River floods during the monsoon season.  The vehicle can carry up to four people and can also turn around and go in reverse in the water. Xiong worked on the project, through trial and error, for several years ensure that everything is welded properly and airtight. His creation can reach up to about 32 km/h but Xiong is hoping to get it up to 25 mph with some additional tweaking.

So why buy a boat when you could hire Xiong Jian to convert your car to a boat, at a cheap price.

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