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The Russian Man Happily Fills His Wife's Car With Concrete

While Russia is creating a state of tension and uncertainty with other countries, a Russian man has carried out a concrete attack on his wife's car by filling it with freshly mixed concrete.

A video uploaded to Youtube shows a man laughing as he backs up a cement truck to place the chute through the open window of a red sedan. After a few laughs with another buddy of his, he pulls a lever and whoosh!!! a thick stream of fresh concrete flows steadily into the front seats of the car.

So what would push a man to commit this horrific act of car terrorism? Well, according to Jalopnik's translation, the man poured the concrete into his wife's car because she changed her surname to win 50 thousand rubles in shares of a local supermarket ‘Verny’. The action consisted in the fact that 50 thousand rubles could be obtained by anyone who officially changed his surname to Verny or Vernaya. This infuriated the man who had intended to give his wife a gift. Hence, he drove his wife's car to the store and the act was committed.

Lesson learned, keep your prized vehicles away from crazed spouses.

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