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Watch The Maserati Levante Take On A Horse

One of the reasons man inverted a car to take over the horse as a means of mobility was because it could go faster from place to place, so when Maserati decided to race its Levante SUV against a horse, one wonders if they were expecting a shocking outcome, or they just wanted to remind us that horses are slower.

Anyways Maserati staged the race between its SUV and a pro racing horse in order to demonstrate the Levante’s off-road capabilities. To do so Maserati enlisted the help of the Skelton brothers of which one them, Dan, is a Maserati brand ambassador and a professional horse trainer while Harry is a highly experienced hunt jockey. 

With Dan piloting the 3.0-liter turbo diesel Levante capable of 275 hp and Harry riding his horse named Dinnie which was capable of reaching 56 km/h, the race was set in the Cotswolds in England, and each brother was given his own route, but the Levante had a longer one through "rough terrain that was unsuitable for horseback." 

So, enjoy the race!

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