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There's A Woman Who Is Married To A Train Station

Just when you think you have heard all the weird stuff life can bring up, an even weirder news pops up. A 45-year-old woman in California whom I want to believe is certified sane, has married a train station.

Why would she do that? Well, she says has been in love with this Santa Fe Train station in California for 36 years now and this love started since she was 9-years-old. She even changed her last name to the name of the train station. Fantastic!!

The wedding took place back in 2015 and though it isn't legally binding, that did not stop her from celebrating her one year anniversary last December. The woman whose name is Carol is a volunteer support worker from San Diego and she takes a 45-minute ride to the station to spend time with the building everyday.

All marriages are supposed to be consummated, right? so how does she and her booboo get laid? She says that they have been having sex mentally and all she has to do is to lean against the wall. More so, anytime she hears the train engines rev, she gets turned on....yeah baby!

Now it is best we quote her directly "I love her so much, she is so romantic. We first consummated our love a few years ago when I felt the wall behind me, and I felt this energy. I came close to an orgasm and I was scared I'd get caught by the station staff. I don't ever want the security guards to find out. There is a private bit where two walls meet, I go there to touch her, which I do by leaning against her with my clothes on. When I'm touching her, I feel as though it actually holds me and kisses me. I don't have physical sex with the station in public, I want to be respectful. I wouldn't do that with a human in public so why would I do it in this case. I do have sex with Daidra in my mind when I stand there. I especially like when I hear the trains rev up their engines - it turns me on." Carol said.

Carol has only been in love with a real human once in her life and their relationship lasted for 18 months but after it broke up (that's where she finally lost it),so she concentrated on dating the train station knowing it would never leave her, yeah buildings don't move...duh!!

Carol has tried defending her sexuality and others like her, saying 'Objectum sexuality' which is the term for this absurdity, is not a mental illness but as normal as being lesbian or bisexual and what they feel is real. She said she chats with the train station about her day and it listens. She could never love another train station, according to her, so for that reason, she's never leaving San Diego.

Incase reading this isn't mind boggling enough, there is a video for you to watch, while we await the news of she being pregnant with baby trains.

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